About Elegantly Haunted

Founded by Artist & Owner, Brandy Boswell Elegantly haunted was started with a desire to make beautiful products with an eco-friendly flair. Brandy began creating items for her annual Halloween Parties, using her preferred elegant Victorian era style. She established Elegantly Haunted in 2011 after realizing that her upcycled hand painted glassware and handcrafted paper art were a hit with family and friends.

After a while, Brandy took her Paper Art to a new level and began developing handmade greeting cards and invitation. Her most popular cards are the Pop-Up Greeting Cards. 

 They stand up tall when fully opened allowing your friends and loved ones enjoy a new kind of keepsake. Seasonal cards make great decorations and they fold flat for easy storage and mailing.

Each product is handcrafted by Brandy using at least 25% recycled materials. All her items are creating in a SMOKE-FREE environment using top quality materials.

When you gift one of Brandy’s unique cards you are giving more just a card. You are making a meaningful statement that will last for years to come.

In addition to stunning handcrafted greeting cards, Brandy creates unforgettable handmade wedding and party invitations.